Ohai, this is basically a side blog for my main Tumblr account linked :)

I just needed a space to just hit post and get rid of whatever I need to, because sometimes everything builds up and, even if it sounds cliche, I need to let go.

Sorry for everything x

❝ Is it really this easy to leave you? Looking back at all these posts based around no-one but you, a I’m realising that maybe you are poisoning me. Quite possibly you are a drug which makes me forget the world for a short high, only ever resulting in a plummet so deep it could reach the bottom of your conscience, filled with others who had fallen for the same irrisistable charm as I had. Maybe I should allow you to let me go, maybe this is the right moment to leave and not sink deeper into your arms that will only crush me ❞
— 28/07/14
❝ Who knew that a single saved voicemail from before the chaos and all the fire, could extinguish the hatred ridden between us. I just wish you would see that I want to bring back what we had, but in your eyes I am still the demon writhing inside of you. ❞
— 27/07/14
❝ Blame me for what I’ve done, I was and still am the one who told you what you needed to hear. I have no memory of them doing anything to crack the unstable persona you have built around yourself, they are not in the wrong and never will be. Stop pounding on their frail consciences and admit that it was I who hurt you and I alone. ❞
— 26/07/14
❝ Please don’t take them. I’m sorry for everything even if you say it is not my fault, because it usually is and I am sincerely sorry. Purple is a pretty colour, I just never want to wear it. ❞
— 14/07/14
❝ It’s as though you are oblivious to the idea that you are asking too much of me and I am not able to hold up the weight of a thousand pleas whilst I am unable to fix the crack advancing beneath me. ❞
— 08/07/14
❝ You should see by now that I am not coming back. Your choking me with poisonous lies, engulfing any last sense of loyalty. I don’t want to speak, but I feel a duty to you. I don’t owe you anything. I’ve learnt that trust is something you have yet to lure people into, and if you even considered that I will have the self-worth to crawl back, you’ve been mistaken. ❞
— 17/06/14