Ohai, this is basically a side blog for my main Tumblr account linked :)

I just needed a space to just hit post and get rid of whatever I need to, because sometimes everything builds up and, even if it sounds cliche, I need to let go.

Sorry for everything x

❝ It’s as though you are oblivious to the idea that you are asking too much of me and I am not able to hold up the weight of a thousand pleas whilst I am unable to fix the crack advancing beneath me. ❞
— 08/07/14
❝ You should see by now that I am not coming back. Your choking me with poisonous lies, engulfing any last sense of loyalty. I don’t want to speak, but I feel a duty to you. I don’t owe you anything. I’ve learnt that trust is something you have yet to lure people into, and if you even considered that I will have the self-worth to crawl back, you’ve been mistaken. ❞
— 17/06/14